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The BARTA Multi Role Animal Incident Helmet meets the needs of a wide range of agencies and professions faced with animal related hazards both as part of their routine occupational risk management or as an emergency service responder called to resolve incidents involving animals.

The preferred choice of BARTA, the British Animal Rescue and Trauma Care Association, this helmet is already used widely throughout the UK by Fire Service animal rescue teams and increasingly by veterinary practitioners who require a helmet that suits their daily needs as well as responding to rescues.

Benefits of the Multi Role Animal Incident Helmet:

  • Lightweight and comfortable for long duration use
  • Integral eye protection
  • Rated as a high performance safety helmet
  • Close fitting to reduce the chance of injury from butting
  • Specific equine industry test rating
  • Meets the needs of the modern veterinarian, through university into general practice and when responding as a BARTA qualified vet
  • Fulfils a range of other tested criteria which makes it the perfect choice for those agencies where animal incidents form a part of their overall activities
  • Optional extras include:
    • Face shield
    • Ear protection
    • Discreet communications to minimise stimulation when working around animals
    • Torch


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