Manchester fire equipped with Manta Technical rescue Helmet at UKRO 2013

At the beginning of July. Members of Manchester Fire & Rescue Service competed at the UKRO Vechile extrication Challenge. The team and all the member of the UKRO Pit / events crews  were equipped with Manta SAR/Techncial rescue helmets.

The helmets for GMFRS were fitted with full face external visor for the extrication challenge.

Below is the report from the team:-

“I was part of the Greater Manchester team kindly supported by your company that took part in the UKRO competition. Our team is made up of six members, from left to right  karsten Boyle (incident commander ), Darren Collier (Tool operative), Michael Massey (Medic), Ady Taylor (Tool operative), Karl Stott (medic and Tool operative), Ian Tattersall (Tool operative).

The first days scenario involved two cars (please see the attached photos) one on all four wheels and the other balancing precariously on its roof one part of the car on a concrete block the other on the other car. We extricated the live casualty using a technique called a gull wing which basically removes the side of a car and is removed vertically onto the cars underneath, this allow greater access to the vehicle for casualty removal. The time constraints with this scenario was twenty minutes, we had the casualty on a long board ready for removing them from the vehicle when the twenty minutes was called, thankfully we had done enough to get the team through to the complex scenario the day after. We used the G6W cutter and the X4S spreader which are excellent tools.


The second days scenario was  more complex,  it involved a car crashed into the back of dustbin truck and a live casualty trapped by the leg under the wagon, for this we had to use the ram and extension tubes to raise the vehicle off the casualty, which It did successfully and we as a team were very  impressed by its ease of use and lifting capability. In the car was another live casualty who we successfully removed from the vehicle in the allotted time of thirty minutes.  Unfortunately I have no photos from this scenario.

Station Manager Ady Taylor

Operations Policy and Procedures Manager

Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue Service”

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