Future Safety were pleased to be asked and sponsor the  MAN OVERBOARD event at Grand Harbour Southampton to show and discuss our range of high performance marine safety rescue helmets.

Man Overboard Workshop 2018

Workshop topics covered MOB prevention, including improved operating procedures. Use of ‘fit for purpose’ personal protective equipment was  covered, hence the request for our attendance. Personnel transfer looks at preventing MOB incidents and injury between vessels. Primary reactions highlight effective responses to MOB situations including fast location of casualty.
Solutions range from simple and effective crew lookout to complex electronic devices.
MOB communication starts with returning to the person in the water rapidly then expands to engaging shore side emergency services, air sea rescue and other vessels. Managing the casualty examines lifting onboard considering injuries, immediate treatment and the survival timeline. After effects of an MOB incident range from personal care for the survivor and their family to legal issues for the employer

future safety supporting man overboard workshop 2018
mob overboard 2018 Marine safety helemts
The event was a huge success with over 70 attendees specialising in the Marine environment.  The interest in our range of marine safety rescue helmets started virtually straight away at 8.00 in the morning.  Even though the presentation on helmets was not until  just before lunch.
We were extremely pleased with the requests / enquiries we received from the attendees for information  /  samples of our helmets from the U.K. and across Europe.
MOB WORKSHOP 2018 marine safety helmets
We would like to thank John and his team for making the whole process seamless . Also making the day so productive and enjoyable.