Cougar Carbon Tactical Bump Helmet

cougar_single_1About COUGAR Carbon tactical bump Helmets

The Cougar Helmet is a tactical multi role high performance  carbon fibre helmet with the option to fit a various accessories, including visors, nvg plate, goggle clips, picquety rails and communications.  The helmet is lightweight weighing only 400 grams with a impact protection of 100 joules on the crown and 90 joules off crown.

This gives the wearer excellent bump protection from impact/shock both from above or from the sides.

The helmet meets the requirements to different standards giving it the ability to make it suitable for a very diverse field of uses:

  • Working at height / alpine use
  • CBRN
  • Water rescue including boats/PWC/Hovercraft
  • Interventions / entry helmet

The helmet meets the requirements of the following standards:

  • PAS 028:2002 Marine Safety Helmet
  • EN 166:2002 Industrial eye protection
  • EN 12492 Working at height/mountain ops – rope rescue, boarding
  • EN 1384 ATV helmet quad/all terrain vehicle