Category: Manta Multi-Role Technical SAR Helmet

Future Safety marine safety rescue helmet support ManOverboard workshop 2018

Future Safety were pleased to be asked and sponsor the  MAN OVERBOARD event at Grand Harbour Southampton to show and discuss our range of high performance marine safety rescue helmets. Man Overboard Workshop 2018 Workshop topics covered MOB prevention, including improved operating procedures. Use of ‘fit for purpose’ personal protective equipment was  covered, hence the […]

Royal Marines display team select Manta helmets

  Pictures of the Member of the Royal Marine Display  and Recruitment team, Zip wiring down in their New Manta Multi role SAR Helmets. The team have been using Future Safety Helmets for a few years. This year it was decide to purchase our  Manta helmet for their displays . Starting with their display at […]

Amsterdam ambulance / GHOR take Manta Ambulance helmet

Along with the Amsterdam ambulance service, The Amsterdam GHOR are now purchasing and using the Manta ambulance helmet.The GHOR is a kind of medical Help organization in the region for the Netherlands. (in Dutch; Geneeskundige Hulpverlening bij Ongevallen en Rampen) (GHOR) This is a government organization that is responsible for the coordination of medical help […]

Manchester fire equipped with Manta Technical rescue Helmet at UKRO 2013

At the beginning of July. Members of Manchester Fire & Rescue Service competed at the UKRO Vechile extrication Challenge. The team and all the member of the UKRO Pit / events crews  were equipped with Manta SAR/Techncial rescue helmets. The helmets for GMFRS were fitted with full face external visor for the extrication challenge. Below […]

Thuringen Feuerwehr rescue team equipped with Manta Sar helmets

Members of the Thuringen Feuerwehr technical rescue team competing at the german rescue championships. Each member of the team was equipped with  a Manta SAR helmet, each of the multi role helmets were equiped with an external full length polycarbonate visor. The visor was worn over the internal eyeshield for extra eye protection. The team did […]

Norweigen rope team use Manta multi role SAR helmets at Grimpsday 2013

Future Safety sponsored the Norweigen rope rescue team at Grimpsday 2013. The team  is made up of current serving members of the police, ambulance and fire brigade. Each Member of the team was supplied with a HI-VIS Manta multi role SAR helmet.  Each of the SAR helmets were special logo’d  with Norweigen flags on all […]

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