Amsterdam ambulance / GHOR take Manta Ambulance helmet

Along with the Amsterdam ambulance service, The Amsterdam GHOR are now purchasing and using the Manta ambulance helmet.The GHOR is a kind of medical Help organization in the region for the Netherlands. (in Dutch; Geneeskundige Hulpverlening bij Ongevallen en Rampen) (GHOR) This is a government organization that is responsible for the coordination of medical help with big accidents or disasters. The GHOR, Ambulance, police and fire department part of the several safety regions within the Netherlands. True Arma-safe the region of Amsterdam found also the perfect helmet in the Future safety Manta  Ambulance Helmet. Because of uniformity with the ambulance services the manta  Ambulance  helmet gives every branch here own identity but the same safety.  The GHOR is NO help organization they are responsible for the coordination within the white group (medical) (bleu = police and red = Fire department) The GHOR organizes for Ambulance services, Gnk-C, Hospitals, docters, GGD, GGZ, RIAGG etc, etc.

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